Riot 2017
Bird training in December

Riot is the Vizsla that satisfied everything I asked for in my second dog.  I wanted another dog who had the potential to be a Special in the conformation ring.  He has lovely balance, confidence, and attitude for days!  He is everything I asked for.  I just didn’t know what I was asking for!  His breeder likes to remind me of this when I get a little whiny.  His conformation career didn’t pan out and for awhile I was a bit lost with him.  I just didn’t know what to do.  Finally, when I decided I needed a well-behaved family member at home, I started taking him to more obedience and rally classes.  This is when his true calling became apparent.  He truly is a working dog. His personality often overshadows everything else about him, but he is as much of a worker as Rowan, if not more so.  He thinks Rally is the best game ever.  Birds are awesome creatures to stalk.  And nosework games are super cool.  I’m so excited for his performance career!

Riot’s Biography:

Registered Name: Panacea’s Essence of Mayhem RA CAX
DOB: 06/04/2011
Breeder: Melissa & Jeff Lembke, Panacea Vizslas
Sire: CH Jakra’s Survivin Th’ Journey JH CDX RA AX AXJ
Dam: GCH Lyons N Penlee’s Essence at Panacea JH
Health Clearances | CHIC: 107579

Riot’s Highlights:
  • Placing 1st in the Rally Novice B class at the 2013 VCA Nationals with perfect score!
  • Placing 1st in the Rally Novice B class at the 2013 VCA Nationals Supported Entry.
  • Finishing his RN title at the 2013 TCVC May Specialty Supported Entry AND earning the Highest Scoring Vizsla award.
  • 2014 AKC National Rally Championship qualifier at the Novice level.
Riot’s Show Photos

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